How do Huggy and its WhatsApp Integration Work?

Huggy consolidates communication channels in one place. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of this platform.

Do you know how Huggy works? We’ll tell you what you can do with this company and how Huggy is related to WhatsApp.

What is Huggy? 🤔

Huggy is a Brazilian company that was founded in 2015 to answer the need to unify the various communication channels a business may use.

You can see WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, and calls, all on one platform.

In addition to channel your company’s communication channels into one platform, Huggy allows you to integrate with others like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Pipersun.

How does Huggy work?🔍

To start using Huggy, simply sign up on their site. They will ask you to fill out your name and email, and then to confirm that email address. They’ll then ask you for a series of additional information (such as company name, role, phone, etc.)

As soon as you finalize the sign-up process, Huggy immediately provides a code to include in your web page and start using their chat service.

To use the the operations panel, go to and log in to Huggy with your user name.

As you’ll see, it’s incredibly easy to start using Huggy. The platform also offers another set of advantages, which we’ll explain below.

The benefits of Huggy💖

If you have just started your business, Huggy can be a great option for exploring the options on the market.

📌Huggy’s Free Trial

If you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a platform (especially because you’ll have to pay in a foreign currency), it’s convenient to have the option of a free trial. In Huggy’s case, you can request the free trial for seven days.


They also offer a wide range of options when it comes to plans. They have five plans, including a free plan, basic, intermediate, advanced, and elite.

📌Huggy’s chatbot

Huggy allows you to create action flows. In other words, you can direct the path that users follow from the moment they access your web page or social media page until they leave.

They also have a chatbot service with all their plans. This can save you a considerable amount of time.

The disadvantages of Huggy💔

Although the name is adorable, what Huggy offers can end up being insufficient.

❌Huggy’s pricing

The price may  not seem expensive at first, but if we start to add the extra cost per agent, plus the installation costs, and the lack of basic features (for example, they don’t offer reports until the advanced plan, which starts at 224 dollars a month) it doesn’t sound very profitable.

❌Limited number of users

If you have a customer service team, only one person can be connected and responding to inquiries. If you want to expand, you pay for every extra agent or sign up for the elite plan (which doesn’t have a plan published on Huggy’s website).

❌Additional API for WhatsApp

This is probably one of Huggy’s greatest defects. To integrate with WhatsApp, you have to get an API from and external provider. In addition to the annoyance of having to find an additional service, this is also unnecessarily costly.

❌Lack of support

Unfortunately, Huggy lacks a key feature for people who aren’t familiar with these types of technology: tech support. You get dedicated support only with the elite plan.

Huggy vs. Sirena 🤜🏻🤛🏻

Although both are good platforms for any entrepreneur who wants a more organized and efficient work space, Sirena is without a doubt the more complete solution.

Sirena manages to fit in all Huggy’s features, and offers even more at a comparable price.

But the main thing to highlight is that, thanks to their fusion with Zenvia, Sirena is an official provider of the WhatsApp API, so no additional steps are required to integrate with the platform.

✅ More functional inbox

With Sirena, you can have more than one agent access the inbox for your communication channels. Although the price per agent is relatively similar to Huggy’s intermediate plan, you start out with three agents able to use the platform.

Plus, Sirena allows you to create an exclusive inbox for your salespeople. That way each salesperson can manage their own portfolio of clients.

✅Bulk messaging

One advantage of having an official WhatsApp integration is that you can send more relevant messages than the app’s official limit (just 256 messages a day). Read more about sending bulk messages👈🏼.

✅Mobile app

Continue what you’re doing and connect with your team from wherever you are. Sirena’s app allows you to move your conversations out of the office and continue responding to your clients, without limitations.

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