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Learn how to use WhatsApp to generate valuable leads for your business and improve your sales.

In previous articles, we talked about how to improve the results in the digital media of your business, as when working with Facebook or in online stores such as eBay. In other words, we concentrated mainly on working with structured forms where customers leave their personal data.

However, some recent changes have made traditional advertising media regain their importance in sales strategies…

You don’t have to read again, you read it correctly… Traditional marketing! Such as Radio, Television, Posters, Websites, Magazines… those kinds of media that are often considered in retreat, can be used again thanks to the digital revolution.

How? I’ll give you a hint: The answer is right in your hands.

In this article, we will show you examples of how companies are using WhatsApp for business, to sell more and how it is possible to measure results. Finally, we will show you how Zenvia Conversion can help you work these contacts quickly and get more sales.

Part 1: WhatsApp = Valuable leads for your company

The simplicity of contacting each other through WhatsApp, along with its wide diffusion in our continent, result in both clients and companies use this tool to communicate massively.

Color data: in Latin America, more than 95% of smartphones have WhatsApp installed.

For this reason, many businesses see in WhatsApp a convenient tool in which customers can start their shopping process communicating with simplicity and convenience.

But let’s think a little more about this phenomenon…

Customers who want to contact the company have to take the time to add the company phone number in their devices before they can start a conversation. This means it requires a minimum effort from the client (which does not occur in other sources of lead generation such as Facebook or in classifieds). This increases the commitment that the person has when contacting the company. And therefore, its value as a potential client.

But there is more. Businesses that communicate with their customers through WhatsApp receive very valuable leads … They have the client’s personal cell phone number, the most valuable data of a lead! No mistakes clean to work with.

Only these two points combined make generating leads by WhatsApp fundamental in your marketing strategy.

Ok, WhatsApp leads are very nice, but…

How do I get people to contact me via WhatsApp?

Part 2: Examples of how to use your brand’s exposure to receive contacts through WhatsApp

First steps

1) First of all, at least one phone line of your company must be able to receive messages from WhatsApp, or better yet, WhatsApp Business (The free app designed for small and medium companies). This can be done as simply as buying a chip and an unexpansive cell phone which will be used exclusively for the WhatsApp business app.

2) Obviously, it is also necessary for a person from your company who answers all the questions and doubts clients might have. In case you work with Social Media (for example, answering Facebook comments), the same person who answers these messages can also reply to the messages received via WhatsApp.

If not, we suggest you choose a person to be in charge of this. It can be someone from administration, marketing or the sales department. This chosen person must have access to WhatsApp Business API to easily communicate with the clients.

3) It is important that this person also has a web browser (ideally Google Chrome) to be able to use the desktop version of WhatsApp (WhatsApp Web) in Google Chrome. Even though The WhatsApp app is wonderful and easy to work with, it will be much easier for the seller to respond to messages using WhatsApp online from a computer with a keyboard.

Now that we have everything ready to work, let’s see where we can receive messages…

Receiving messages from digital media

The first place where you can start generating WhatsApp leads (and perhaps the simplest) is from your digital media. You can highlight your WhatsApp sales number on your website, in the contact section, or even in your Facebook posts. Your WhatsApp contact can also be detailed on the same images of your products published on classified sites.

But this is not all … You can also include it in your mailings and even in the detail of your contact in Google Maps results!

In any case, this is a very simple change that you can request from your programmers today. 

Newspapers, Magazines, and Pamphlets

Let’s talk now about a more traditional contact channel: graphic media. Journals, magazines, street advertising and any kind of graphic media can also be used to get WhatsApp leads!

You can simply include your contact information in the same publications detailing why this way of reaching you is useful (for example, you can clarify if it is a number for sales. That way you will guide the people who contact you).

Just like in digital media, you can include your official WhatsApp information on the images of vehicles in stock that you publish in magazines or newspapers.

Mass media

You can also explore the mass media.

For example, if you do a radio advertisement, you can announce your business WhatsApp sales number in each ad so your potential customers have a convenient way to start shopping right in their hands.?

In the same way, you can also include them whether you advertise on television or marketing events.


But let’s think even bigger…

And in this case, we are referring to the posters of your business!

Some companies choose to display their WhatsApp lines in stained glass windows so customers have an accessible way to get in touch when buying or take with them a contact number to track the purchase after the visit. This way, you can take advantage of busy streets or traffic jams and transform them into sales.

Note:If your company receives a lot of traffic this way, you can segment it into several phone lines where the first response is made by different agents. For example, you can buy numbers for different media, by area within the team (eg by separating a number of sales and an after-sales number) or by specific branches/regions (with different area codes).

These are just some examples… You can get as creative as you want and try other ways to take advantage of this new trend! As you have seen, there is practically no extra cost in Marketing to do this. So, why not try it?

Part 3: How you can transform your WhatsApp contacts into valuable leads using Zenvia Conversion

Publishing your WhatsApp contact information is simple (and it will bring you some immediate results). But we have observed that it is convenient to do it in an organized way. This way, it translates into better opportunities for your commercial team.

Zenvia Conversion is a communication tool for sales teams. This tool integrates with all your contact methods to quickly transform the messages that reach your business in sales opportunities.

Now we will show you how you can use Zenvia Conversion in your company to quickly contact your WhatsApp contacts, transform them into leads and easily distribute them to your sales teams. For that, the following sample displays a WhatsApp business model conversation.

Let’s take as an example a fantasy car dealership (Estrella Group) that posts its exclusive WhatsApp phone number for sale and after-sale contact. Let’s go!

Silvia asks a question to The WhatsApp contact number of Estrella Group…

At lunchtime, Silvia noticed a truck she liked in the lot of used cars in Estrella group. She entered the contact number on her cell phone and a few hours later she reached them with her question.

…A sales person answered back quickly to better understand Silvia’s question.

One of the workers of Estrella Group, responsible for answering to WhatsApp clients, replied to Silvia using the Zenvia Conversion interface. He asked for certain basic information to better understand Silvia’s request and then, he transferred her to the indicated seller, leaving a note to the new seller so he or she can understand the context.

Estrella Group posts its WhatsApp contact in all their media, both for sale and after-sale. That is why they receive inquiries about new, used cars, service agendas, and many other reasons.

Using Zenvia Conversion, all queries made via WhatsApp can be easily classified and transferred to the corresponding team.

Sirena crm

From the comfort of the Zenvia Conversion interface, Estrella Group agents can easily filter, create and assign leads to the most relevant sellers.

That way, a financing consultation can be answered by a salesperson from the used cars department, a query about the stock of a new car can be answered by the new cars team and to the schedule of service is attended by a member of the after-sales team.

In less than 15 minutes, any of these queries can be contacted by the most appropriate person.

To summarize, Zenvia Conversion is essential to improve your sales strategy and digital marketing through WhatsApp. 

Now it’s your turn, I would like you to comment below anything you want: How do you like WhatsApp to communicate with your customers? How this tool should be used?

Zenvia Conversion is a great contact tool, which facilitates communication between sellers and customers to the most. As we like to say, “our job is to transform sellers into superheroes”.

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