CSAT: What is it and how is it calculated?

Learn about the CSAT rating and how you can use it to optimize your processes.

The CSAT or Customer Satisfaction score is a method used to measure the quality of clients’ experience and their perceptions of their interactions with a brand.

Learn what the CSAT is and how to calculate it AUTOMATICALLY in five minutes.


Are your clients satisfied with the service your business offers them?

How would you rate their level of satisfaction?

Are you sure?

These are simple but crucial questions for a company. After all, the customer’s level of satisfaction will determine whether they will stay loyal or look elsewhere.

This means that identifying whether clients will return is key to defining strategy and to a company’s results.

Metrics quantify perceptions and form the foundation of a strategic plan.

To begin, we affirm that the quality of the client’s experience can be evaluated and that it is possible to measure their perceptions.

The goal is to identify the consumer’s level of satisfaction with their interactions with the company and its processes.

The way to measure this is the CSAT. With the CSAT, you can understand and analyze how your strategies are performing, and project the necessary changes.

What does the CSAT or satisfaction index mean?

The CSAT is a customer satisfaction scale. In other words, it is a method used to evaluate whether the experience a company offers fulfills the consumer’s expectations.

To put it another way, it is a way to monitor and quantify the client’s  level of satisfaction.

The CSAT is a precise method for measuring the client’s experience when they interact with the brand.

This makes it possible to review strategies and make improvements, achieving better results in more areas.

The CSAT Survey: What it’s for

The CSAT is a valuable indicator for avoiding losses and improving the quality of service you offer. The following are some of  the aspects included:

Short-term client satisfaction

The CSAT can identify whether the client’s expectations have been satisfied in their first contact with the company. In fact, this first experience may determine whether or not the relationship continues. Additionally this metric identifies the chances that the client will become an advocate for the brand.

Relevant responses

The CSAT allows you to ask the questions your company needs. This way, you increase the chances of clarifying the scenario and can establish best practices.

Client perception

In many cases, just a feeling isn’t enough to guarantee the success of a strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how the client perceives their experience and interacts with it.


Trend mapping

The CSAT can provide many insights that hadn’t been previously identified. These new correlations can help you map trends and add new information to your planning.


The data compiled by the CSAT can alert customer service teams in time to remedy the situation. They can contact the client to prevent them from leaving.

The benefits of measuring the CSAT


In the first place, with the CSAT, your company follows the different stages of the client’s purchasing journey.

In other words, it is possible to identify the correct actions and the warning signs in order to change strategies.

This way, you can understand better how to optimize the client’s experience and support the success of the operation.

On top of that, the information accumulated from answers over time improves processes, guaranteeing better results. This can be applied even to communication strategies, like content offers.

In the same way, you can understand how the client feels about the product or service you offer.

This information is vital not just to marketing, but also for sales. 

Delivery operations can also be evaluated based on client satisfaction ratings.

With this information you can begin making improvements in every stage of the consumer’s experience.

In short, the CSAT provides data that can form the basis for actions that will attract and retain clients, as well as help you understand them.

How to calculate the CSAT

The data obtained in the CSAT provide important feedback about the user experience. However, only if applied correctly.

The information is valuable only if it is used to produce changes and improvements to your processes.

This means that the specific goal in applying this data must be clear for each member of the team involved. This means the objective must be very clear.

On the other hand, it is essential that the survey be conducted immediately after the interaction that is being evaluated.

Given that the methodology is based on quick results, its efficiency depends on how the survey is positioned within the process.

For example, possible applications could be:

  • After the purchase for an e-commerce business
  • After a customer service interaction
  • After a support request

And finally, it is necessary to keep in mind that the work doesn’t end with the survey. On the contrary, that’s when the work starts.

Analyzing the results is actually the starting point for improvements and optimization.

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