How to Create a Mailchimp Campaign with Your WhatsApp Contacts

Do you want to expand your email contact list? With Mailchimp and WhatsApp, you can.

Do you want to expand your email marketing contact base? With Mailchimp and WhatsApp, you can. We’ll tell you how to create a campaign using these two tools.

WhatsApp mailchimp

It’s likely that you have made  contact wth your clients with more direct methods than email, such as WhatsApp.

But this does. not mean that email is on its way out. Quite the contrary, it is quite active.

You can take advantage of the momentum from WhatsApp to generate a client base that you can contact via various methods. Make sure you send the right message using the right method.

If you have looked for ways to use WhatsApp in your marketing strategy, some of the benefits WhatsApp can provide to your business include:

  • Order monitoring
  • Shift confirmation
  • Spread news
  • Provide content of value
  • Offer personalized customer service
  • Feed in user data
  • Strengthen your email marketing campaigns

In this article you can learn how to create a campaign with Mailchimp using your WhatsApp contacts. But first you should know which is the right tool to use.

Can I use WhatsApp or do I need WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp is a great social network, but when it comes to business, the open version available to all users isn’t enough. To be able to advance your strategy, your business will need a WhatsApp Business account.

With WhatsApp Business, connecting to a large number of users will be much simpler and more  accessible, but… is it enough?

Unfortunately, no.

This is because, although you can record all your contacts using WhatsApp, unless you are integrated with a CRM, you’ll have to do it all by hand. Can you imagine your sales and customer service team maintaining one joint Excel sheet? It sounds a little bit slow and disorganized.

By including a CRM for WhatsApp, you can automate many of your processes, not just contact collection. Automate database generation and updating, as well as  your conversations, data collection, and reporting.

With Zenvia Conversion’s CRM for WhatsApp, you can also automate the repetitive parts of a conversation by including a chatbot for no additional costs, as well as WhatsApp-approved message templates.

Steps for creating a Mailchimp campaign with Zenvia Conversion

Zenvia Conversion is one of the official providers for WhatsApp in Latin America, which is also able to integrate with multiple applications.

  • If you are already a Zenvia Conversion user, you just need to create a Mailchimp account, if you don’t have one already.
  • Next you’ll need to go to Zenvia Conversion’s Marketplace to find the application that will allow you to integrate with Mailchimp (you’ll find it under the same name as the email platform).
  • The next step is to log in to Mailchimp with your account information and authorize access to Zenvia Conversion.

Follow these simple steps to create a Mailchimp distribution campaign 

1) To create the campaign from Zenvia Conversion, hover over the “Apps” button and click Mailchimp. You’ll see a series of options. Select “Create campaign.”

mailchimp crear campaña apps

2) You’ll see a screen open with the title, “Send a Mailchimp campaign.” You can choose a regular campaign (this allows you to included HTML elements) or for a plain text campaign (it will look like an email written without images, gifs, or other interactive elements).

3) Assign a name to your campaign. This will help you identify it in the future and recognize which campaigns perform well and which ones don’t.

4) The next step is to assign the audience. You can choose not to assign an audienceor you can enter the name of the audience you’d like to send the campaign to.

mailchimp crear nueva campaña Sirena

5) Once you have configured these settings, click the Accept button. You’ll be redirected to the Mailchimp platform to set up the final details of your campaign.

6) The first thing you’ll see is the audience that you chose with its corresponding name and number of recipients. You can click on the button to edit the list of recipuents and/or check that you have all the contacts that were originally on the list.

Make sure you check these points before your send your campaign

  • Review you audience: ensure that everyone you want is included, and remove anyone who should not be included.
  • The email content: make sure there aren’t any typos.
  • The links in the email: your users will be frustrated if they click on an image that takes them nowhere, and you won’t be able to measure your campaign’s success.
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