Cliengo: Chatbot, Plans, and WhatsApp Integration

Learn the pros and cons of Cliengo and what to consider before signing up.

Cliengo is a CRM, but it’s also an app and a chatbot. In this article, we’ll tell you how Cliengo implements all this technology in a single platform.

What is Cliengo?

Cliengo is an Argentinian company that offers software to maximize companies’ communication, with its CRM, and chatbot options and integration communication channels, among other things

How does Cliengo work?

Cliengo will help make your company’s communications with customers more active and fluid with the implementation of its various features, such as chatbot and the WhatsApp integration.

You also have the ability to organize your teams and operations more efficiently with their CRM service.

To start using their services, simply open an account with Cliengo, as they offer a free plan.

Cliengo: Plans

Cliengo has 4 plans, so you can choose the one best suited to your company’s needs, whether you are an entrepreneur or a small to to medium-sized business.

Free Plan: the free plan includes a widget or button for your website, a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, and some CRM functionality.

Starter Plan: this is the same as the free plan, but with the addition of CRM reports, email auto-responses, and a mobile app. It starts at $24 USD per month.

Premium Plan: this plan starts at $90 USD per month. With this plan you get a chatbot for WhatsApp, although it costs extra. It also includes a Zapier integration via their API, and reports covering the previous 90 days

Corporate Plan: with the most advanced Cliengo plan, you get access to exclusive tech support, personalized chatbots, and unlimited users and reports. This plan will cost you $300 per month.

Is Cliengo right for you?

You’re probably wondering what benefits Cliengo will bring to your organization. Here are three highlights:

Free Trial

As we mentioned in the section above, you don’t have to pay to use Cliengo, since they offer a free plan. On top of that, all plans include a free 14-day trial period to test out their features.

This is a great option if you already use Cliengo and want to see whether it’s worth switching to a new plan or if you should look for another option.

Integrations with other platforms

Cliengo works well with a large number of platforms, so you don’t end up with information siloed in a long list of apps and platforms.

If you already have another CRM such as Salesforce, or email marketing software like MailChimp, you can simply connect them to leverage your processes even more effectively.

Cliengo prices

Cliengo prices are a baseline from which users can add users and features, without getting additional features you may not need. These prices match the quality they offer very well.

Or Maybe Cliengo isn’t right for you

We have already discussed the upsides of choosing Cliengo. However, you may also be interested to hear about some of the platform’s weak points:

WhatsApp Chatbot

A chatbot for WhatsApp is only included in the Corporate Plan. Even with the Premium Plan, which is the second most expensive option, you have to go from paying $90 a month to paying $300 a month to  get this feature.

Although Cliengo says they offer a chatbot with each of their plans, this is only partially true. If you choose the cheapest plan, you only get a chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

Monthly client limits

If you just  started your business two days ago, you may not be bothered by having a monthly limit on the number of customers your chatbot can respond to.

But as you continue growing as a business, the restriction on the number of monthly clients your chatbot can handle will become annoying.

Have these points made you doubt whether Cliengo is the right choice for you? Let us suggest an alternative.

An alternative to Cliengo

Sirena is an excellent alternative for your business. Sirena leaves behind Cliengo’s limitations and gives your company room to grow where you need it.

Thanks to their fusion with Zenvia, Sirena is one of the exclusive approved providers who are able to use the WhatsApp API.

In addition to, like Cliengo, offering the ability to integrate your favorite platforms, Sirena can:

Send relevant WhatsApp messages

Including WhatsApp among your communication platforms ensures you will be contacted on your platform, but why stop at that?

With the relevant messages feature, you can contact your client base with message templates pre-authorized by WhatsApp. Send your templates to up to 500 contacts at once!

Shared Inbox

A shared inbox is a more collaborative  inbox. And at the end of the day, it’s all about teamwork.

All the members of your customer service team can be on the same page, now that they have access to the conversations where inquires come in on all your channels.

Sirena bots

Sirena bots don’t just send automated messages like any other chatbot. They also help you nurture and qualify leads in order to optimize your sales processes.

Automated transactional messages

With traditional chatbots, you can set up answers for certain pre-determined questions. Automated transactional messages go beyond that and are triggered by specific user actions.

According to a 2019 survey by DemandGen Report, nurturing leads produces a 20% increase in sales opportunities on average.

How do automated transactional messages work? For example, if a user accesses your online store and doesn’t complete their purchase, you can set up a reminder that will be sent the next day to nudge them to complete the process.

Do you want to get these features and start optimizing your business? Contact a Sirena agent today and sign up!

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