A Zenvia Conversion chatbot can help you qualify leads, but that’s not the only advantage!

A CHATBOT to QUALIFY LEADS is a key tool to make you stand out from the competition.

When Terminator  came out, the idea of a robot who could blend in with the general population was fascinating and futuristic. Perhaps one of the most memorable elements of the humanoid robot  was its ability to scan everyone it met and know all their information.

At the time it seemed alien and strange, but now it’s possible through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

A chatbot may not have the charisma of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but they can definitely identify which prospects have the potential to become long-term clients.

Why qualify leads with a chatbot?

Lead qualification has been a manual process throughout the history of sales, consuming the time, money, and effort of businesses to find the right customers and offer their services.

But with the implementation of a chatbot, the possibility of automated lead qualification opens up.

By capitalizing on conversational marketing strategies, sales and customer service agents can say goodbye to repetitive tasks and focus their energy on helping future long-term customers.

There are three basic elements that implementing a chatbot to qualify leads offers:

?Expand your client base

When you have a communication channel that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, messages from potential customers always get a response.

Responding to every message allows you to reach more prospects and get more information and feedback for your database.

?Monitor client information

Responding quickly is a solution for retaining customers over the short term. But if you really want to convert a visit into a long-term client, you need to get as much information as possible.

The chatbot won’t just talk with your users, it will also store all the information from these interactions and can scan for context: whether the client already has an item in their shopping cart, or whether they contact you through social media to find information about their interests and hobbies.

This is the main way the chatbot is able to get enough information to qualify the lead. Remember that without information there can be no information  or rating of the lead.

?Increase engagement

Beyond lead qualification, quick, appropriate responses from a chatbot will positively impact the user experience.

And this will translate to increased engagement, necessary for the construction of a solid client portfolio.

But on top of that, with the information you obtain from the prospect, the chatbot can also identify where the visitor is on the buyer’s journey. This allows you to better focus resources to convert the prospect to a solid sale.

Some examples of existing chatbot implementations include: Domino’s, Uniqlo, Kayak.

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BONUS: Strengthen your Social Media strategy

All these benefits that having a chatbot brings are also applicable to your social media.

That means that by creating a chatbot for WhatsApp or a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, you can maintain proactive communication with your followers or potential clients.

We’re talking about constant, fluid, customer service with personalized answers based on collected information and insights. Collecting feedback will help you to know more precisely where to direct your financial resources.

Learn more conversational marketing strategies with WhatsApp.

How to create a  chatbot for WhatsApp or Faceboook Messenger with Zenvia Conversion

At this point you should be convinced of the improvements that a chatbot integration can bring your business. According to Accenture57% of business owners agree that conversational bots give  a great return on investment.

But creating a chatbot sounds a little complicated. So how can you do it?

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